Climbing came naturally, I never had to look for inspiration or motivation; it was always there! After discovering a passion for this totally ridiculous and apparent nonsensical activity, every moment has been spent thinking, breathing and dreaming climbing!

Climbing fulfilled all of my dreams! I wanted to travel, see the world, walk a path less trodden and challenge myself not to be bound by the constraints of ordinary life, but to be able to take on any obstacle that was set out in front of me.

I have competed internationally for my country, climbed some of the worlds most iconic hard rock climbs and claimed first ascents across the globe. Needless to say, I’ve always strived to get the most out of every opportunity!

As well as a climber, I am also a coach. I have worked with individuals and teams across the globe to get the most out of their climbing as well as helping some of the UK’s top athletes on their way to international success.

Foremost I am a climber, and in 2016 I have planned my most challenging year yet with expeditions across the globe from Sport Climbing in Catalunya, Big Walling in Yosemite and the European Alps, then finishing off with an outrageous goal to make a new First Ascent on the Polar Sun Spire on Baffin Island!

In Nov/Dec 2016 and Jan/Feb 2017 I will be running a Speaking Tour spanning the UK in conjunction with my core brand sponsors. This will be based around my adventures in 2016 but focussing largely on the build up to Polar Sun Spire.

To keep track of me on all these adventures, follow my social media “breadcrumb trail” or read my latest blog posts below. None of it will disappoint!

See you soon… hopefully somewhere far away and rocky!


There’s no doubt about it, a good talk can move mountains, or in this case, inspire people to climb them!

I have always been inspired by what others have achieved. I believe that part of the art of progressing is by looking at what others having done, taking inspiration from them and using that to push beyond your perceived limitations!

This is what I always hoped to achieve with my “Speaking”.

“If I can inspire, motivate or give someone the belief that they can do more, then that’s a success!”

I use my Adventures in life and climbing as means of inspiring but also to teach the valuable life lessons that I have learned along the way.

As a speaker I like to think that I can connect with my audience across many different levels with an informal and comic approach to some of my wildest adventures. This creates a sense of normality out of an extreme situation that certainly opens people’s eyes to their perception of what is “normal” for some.

Wholeheartedly I am passionate about what I do! I love to touch on the deep-seated philosophical questions, to pose the questions that are often asked that a life spent climbing has helped answer.

I am available for “Speaking Events” across the board from “Motivational Talks” aimed at businesses and corporate events to “Inspirational Stories” for climbers and the general public.

All you have to do is get in touch and we can take it from there!

As an ambassador for Edinburgh International Climbing Arena, I can also help with providing a unique event space unlike any other in the world!

Adventurous Tales

These are an action packed re-tell of some of my craziest adventures! Enjoy a stand-up show packed full of witty banter, unforgettable moments and inspirational tales. Everything from the Adventures themselves to the philosophy of why I do it? Who really knows but somebody has to?

Corporate Lectures

Talking from my experiences on the wall, I tackle the tough subjects of fear, resilience and decision making through a unique perspective. Is there a better way to understand the real nitty gritty of what it takes to achieve when everything is on the line? It might be a far-flung fantasy from the office desk space, yet the obstacles I face are strangely similar…

Schools and Colleges

There’s no doubt about it; kids are driven by passion and excitement! Having once been a child myself and likening to them even as an adult I like to make my show fun and fast-paced with a hope that they will be inspired to go out and find their own adventures!


If there is one thing I have learned in my time as a climber, it’s that good advice is priceless!

I wouldn’t be where I am now without the support of dedicated coaches, because although its important to make our own mistakes, who is there to point them out and set us on the right path when we make them?

I have coached climbers of all ages and abilities, from weekend warriors to world champions!

What I have come to understand is that the desires of one equal the desires of the other – they only want to enjoy their climbing and maximize their gains…

I am fascinated by the art of self-improvement and have myself built a life around the concept that we can always get better at whatever it is we do; we just need to have the right approach and mindset!

If you are interested in not only getting better at climbing but maximizing your gains and taking the enjoyment of climbing to a new level; then give me a shout!

I am available for hourly 1:1 and Group sessions at Edinburgh International Climbing Arena – Contact me now!


Adults 1:1 (£45/hour) / Adults 1:2 (£55/hour)

An in depth analysis of your climbing performance – your weaknesses and strengths, techniques and tactics, mentality and trainability! Everything that you need to do to get better as a climber we will cover… Perhaps not all in one session but we can try! – Recommended 2 hours.


Youths 1:1 (£35/hour) / Youths 1:2 (£45/hour)

Young climbers have everything to gain and nothing to lose! Technique, Training and above all, Mentality need to be channeled from the very beginning to make the most of their potential as climbers. I believe that the key to a long and successful career in climbing is a product of a healthy and balanced approach to the sport. – Recommended 2 hours.

Day Workshops

Day Workshops (Price on Request)

A performance coaching workshop dedicated to the needs of your group. Everything from physical and technique assessments to mental training and tactical preparation. All in all it’s a fun day climbing with a professional climber and coach helping you achieve all you can be!

If you want to get the most out of your time climbing and would like some focus and direction to your sessions, then why not check out my online climbing training series.

This Article series for is a progressive plan starting out at beginner level and moving onwards and upwards to elite.

This ongoing Video and Article series is geared at every level of climber. It covers everything from Physical and Technique to Tactical and Mental training.



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